Ice Dams Can Destroy Your Home

The damage was done

Here are some examples of ice and water damage that can be prevented with the Freezeblock System:

Ice Dam Damage Photo 1

Photo 1

Ice Dam Damage Photo 2

Photo 2

Ice Dam Damage Photo 3

Photo 3

These photographs show a home with serious damage to the wall structure due to long-term seepage between the gutter and fascia. Notice the gutter is filled with ice. In photo 2 you can see where the fascia has separated from the wall and pieces have fallen off. Parts of the entire wall are completely rotting away.

Freezeblock's unique sealing channel that unifies the gutter to the underlayment would have eliminated the water seepage between the gutter and fascia, and saved the homeowner from expensive repairs.

The above photos were taken with a Polaroid camera by the contractor who is repairing the home - December 2002.

The damage is pending

Naramore Home 1

Photo 4

Naramore Home 2

Photo 5

Mr. Robert Naramore recently retired and purchased a home in Northeastern Pennsylvania. A short time after he moved in, he discovered the potential for ice dams. So far it is not a problem, but if water begins to drip from the holes in the soffet he will be faced with the hazardous job of climbing a ladder to remove the ice and snow from the eaves to stop the water seepage.

The Freezeblock system (not installed on Mr. Naramore's house) will stop the water from infiltrating the building, preventing damage, and eliminating the need to climb ladders to remove the snow and ice.

Photos by Mr. Naramore – January 2003

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