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Do you suffer from wintertime ice dams?

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Freezeblock is superior to competitive products because of its unique and exciting design. Many other products have tried to address the problem of Icicles on the Webmaster's house
Icicles – on the Webmaster's house!

Detail under the eaves of upper photo
Detail under the eaves of upper photo,
with water leaking though the siding
ice and water seepage into homes from the gutter areas, but these products have proven themselves to be prohibitively expensive and work poorly with existing underlayments. Only Freezeblock works in concert with the underlayment to create a permanent, waterproof seal to protect the house from damage.

Please see these details of the installation process.

Product Features and Benefits

Comparable Established Products

A variety of guttering products exist in the marketplace, most of which are designed to keep the gutters clean of debris. While effective in varying degrees, none offers the watertight seal of Freezeblock. In the past, several methods have been introduced to deal with this problem but none of these methods works well with the common, flexible, rubberized asphalt underlayments preferred by most contractors. Only Freezeblock, with its special channel for receiving and sealing the underlayment, creates the water tight seal to protect the house from moisture.


Parenthetically, I think there's a vast fortune to be made by an entrepreneur who establishes a national high quality, high tech, roofing [gutter] solution including installation [that will prevent ice dam damage].

— John G. Faughnan, MN -

Throughout my career in construction and building maintenance I have seen firsthand the damage caused by ice dams. By uniting the gutter and underlayment the Freezeblock system effectively prevents one of the major points of water infiltration.

— John DiDuca,owner. DiDuca Management (Property Managers) New Haven, CT

Great idea! I'll be looking for it at the Home Depot when it's available.

— Karl Wildman, Hamden, CT

The Freezeblock design is a simple, effective method of stopping water damage from ice dams. In fact, it's one of the best solutions I've seen in 30 years as a professional gutter contractor.

— Gilbert E. Hulett, Jr. owner, Gil's Seamless Aluminum Gutters North Haven, CT

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