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Technical Information


This product is easily manufactured utilizing either traditional in-plant and/or on jobsite rollforming machinery used to produce standard gutters with only minor tooling changes.

Engineering Feasibility

Please see professional reviews that confirm the technical feasibllity of the Freezeblock system to prevent roof ice damage in cold weather climates.

Product Intergration and Adaptability

The Freezeblock system can be easily integrated into an existing product line. The additional cost of manufacturing is essentially nil excepting tooling costs and a minor amount of extra material. The extra value to the consumer from sealing channel feature in the Freezeblock system leads to extra profits for the manufacturer. (Sealing channel feature is an additional option; subject device gutter can be used without sealing feature if desired.)

Please see these details of the installation process.

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Freezeblock Market Comparison

Feature Freezeblock Competitive
Prevents moisture from damaging home Yes No
May be manufactured in a variety of sizes Yes No
Affordable to produce Yes No
Simple to install Yes No
Works with existing underlayment products Yes No


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